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MDRN Built About Page

We need great people to build great modern homes. 


We are a design-build firm that focuses on modern. That's all we do.  We love it.  We live it.  We breath it.  We obsess over it so much that we have made it our mission to become the best there is at designing, managing and building modern where we live.  

The first time I stepped inside an architecturally designed modern house I was hooked.  I was in my early 20's and I was delivering the furniture.  The quality of light, the simplicity of form, the exactness of the design; I was mesmerized.  Since then I have made it my goal to do everything necessary to build modern homes as my own business.  For most of my adult life now I have been studying, building, managing or designing modern homes.  It is what I love and what motivates me.  

I did my Architecture undergrad at UBC.  I have learned and mentored under one of the best in the game at Powers Construction in Vancouver.  I have swung the hammer, run the CAD programs, sat in development services departments, done client consultations, picked interior finishes, engineered spreadsheets, drawn sketches on napkins, poured the concrete, manned the shovel and stayed awake at night thinking of the details.  Quite plainly everything on our projects has been a part of my journey.  I have given my sweat, my blood and my heart.  MDRN Built is an expression of my story and my life. It is not about styles, or fads, or trends.  It is not following what the market is after.  Modern homes are all I know, and all I believe in when it comes to homes and my approach to it is all encompassing.  I simply can't do it any other way.

I have taken my equal backgrounds in construction and design and fused it in my company and my crew so that we can manage and execute every millimetre of your projects.  Whether it is a budget tracking spreadsheet or a window detail, everything that we do is considered, intentioned and informed by our belief in design, craft and commitment to your home as something that should be timeless.  We work with you from the initial conception all the way through delivery of your finished project, keeping you regularly informed and engaged along the way.  We strive to be there for you to make the process of building a great modern home as it should be for you; enjoyable and exciting.  We want you to love your home, and tailor it just for you.      

We strongly believe that what we do at MDRN Built is special, and rare, but what drives us is our passion for our craft, our love for great design and the trust we foster with our clients.  

It takes great courage to think about what it truly mean to live, and that's what building a home is all about. 

If owning a modern home is your dream, designing and building it for you is mine.